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In ground vinyl liner pool installation

We build steel wall, vinyl liner pools, and offer a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and liner patterns at affordable prices.

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What you can expect:

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Pool Package

Pool kits will vary by customer but may include the following:
Steel walls and bracing, vinyl liner, Hayward Skimmer Pack, coping, steps, ladder, handrails. pump, filter, safety rope, pipe and fittings, maintenance kit, telepole, vac hose, vac head, opening chemicals and much more.


For some customers this is the most exciting part of their swimming pool construction, EXCAVATION. First our excavator and crew remove grass and topsoil. Then the ground is graded smooth. They will then, mark the ground with the shape and position of your pool.  Stakes will be placed to show the perimeter of the pool.
How long the excavation will take depends on many factors, including: weather, soil conditions, and overall size and depth of the pool.

Setting the Walls

The pool wall panels are bolted together, squared and leveled.  Braces are attached to each pool panel.   A 6 to 8 inch collar (footer) is poured around the pool to lock everything in. Coping is then screwed to the top of the wall.

Preparing the Bottom

Now the pool floor will be floated. This means that a substrate is smoothed out with trowels. We use a vermiculite and concrete mix to make a nice, smooth  pool bottom for the liner to rest on.  The substrate also insulates the pool bottom from ground temperatures and flexes during freezing and thawing conditions.  When this step is finished  you will have an idea of what your pool may look like when it is done. 

Dropping the Liner

DROP THE BAG, a.k.a. as dropping the liner.  After the crew has unfolded the liner they will drop it into place.  Once the liner is dropped it will be locked into the track in the coping.  Next they will walk out, push and smooth as many wrinkles as possible.  A powerful vacuum is used  to suck out the air between the liner and the walls and floor.  Suctioning the liner tightly to the walls and floor allows the pool to be filled without any wrinkles.


Now put on your sun screen and enjoy all the health, fitness and entertainment, we mean FUN, that is waiting for you in your back yard vacation spot.

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